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The universe is full of invisible things.

The magnetic field protects us from radiation from space, the gravity keeps us on the ground, the sun’s infrared light gives us warmth,
and the mysterious dark matter holds our galaxy together.

All this and much more is invisible to us, but at the same time it is enormously important to our universe and existence.

Hunt the Invisible

Everyday astronomers chase the invisible parts of our universe.

Join us in the hunt for unseen things in Planetarium’s exhibitions.

Discover how gravity works, how we can see the heat from our bodies and why a black hole is invisible.

Children might need help from an adult.

To solve the challenge remember to get the folder in the store.  The folder is available in English and Danish.

The Invisible Show

Science show

With mind-blowing experiments, we put your mind to the test and show you how to make the invisible visible.

We capture magnetic fields, explore the gravity, and show light that you otherwise cannot see, all these elements give valuable knowledge of the universe.

Weekends and school holidays
10.30 am, 11.25 am and 1.30 pm


Spacewalk in the Invisible Universe

Take a tour in the exhibition area.

We explore Planetarium’s exhibitions to see some of the universe’s most invisible phenomena.

What does dark matter do? How does gravity work? And why are black holes important for our existence on Earth?

Despite the difficult topics, the spacewalk has been adapted to families with children.

We meet under the space telescope Hubble, just in front of the shop.

Weekends and school holidays
11.00 am and 2.25 pm

Space Journey to the Invisible Universe

Planetarium Show in the Dome

Join us in the the Dome for this virtual journey through space, where we make the invisible visible.

We take a closer look at the invisible shield around our own planet, explore how invisible light reveals unknown parts of the Milky Way and search for the mysterious dark matter in the outermost parts of our universe.

Weekends and school holidays
10.00 am and 1.00 pm

Invisible Talks in English

Planetarium Show in the Dome

In our Dome, which is the largest in Northern Europe, we can make the unseen visible.

We will take you on a visual and sensory-saturated journey through the universe, where we show you the dark matter that keeps everything together, the invisible light, which reveals new details about the galaxies, and the magnetic field that protects life on Earth.

Weekends and school holidays
4.00 pm

Build a Particle Detector

Workshop in SpaceLab

Build your own particle detector and discover the cosmic radiation that flows through your body every moment.

The radiation consists of small particles that come from outer space and are quite harmless on the surface of the Earth. In a particle detector, you can catch the radiation when it collides with the air in the detector.

You can take your detector with you, when you leave.

Weekends and school holidays
12.00 pm -1.00 pm and 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm


The Earth as seen from ISS

Watch livefeed from the International Space Station

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