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Monday 12.00 pm - 6.30 pm
Tuesday 9.30 am - 8.00 pm
Wednesday 9.30 am - 8.00 pm
Thursday 9.30 am - 8.30 pm
Friday 9.30 am - 9.30 pm
Saturday 9.30 am - 8.30 pm
Sunday 9.30 am - 7.00 pm

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We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for astronomy and space with the Danish people and with all our visitors from around the world.

We are daily honoured to deal with some of the very big and existential issues in life, and work to raise awareness of our existence on earth and in space.

How did life begin? Is there life beyond earth? How does it all end?

In everything we do we seek to enrich and inspire (enlighten) our guests with experiences about space’s incredible dimensions.


A partnership with the Planetarium allows you or your company to strengthen your CSR profile by supporting projects that raise awareness of our existence on Earth and in Space.
We will meet your needs by tailoring an agreement so that you will get the most out of your collaboration with the Planetarium.

A partnershiop could include the following:
– Annual pass
– Sponsorship tickets
– Guided tours
– Use of our meeting & event facilities
– Sponsor events
– Network meetings
– Lectures

Mette Broksø Thygesen, CEO
Phone: 30 11 88 77

Will and final testament

Who will inherit your passion for increasing awareness of our existence on earth and in space?
If you consider leaving a donation to the Planetarium, please contact our CEO.

Mette Broksø Thygesen, CEO
Phone: +45 30 11 88 77

The Dome

The dome is the biggest in Northern Europe and is the heart of the Planetarium where we deliver very special movie experiences.

Current films in Planetarium

All films begin with a digital space journey followed by the season’s current starry sky.


Explore Planetarium’s exhibitions: Learn where we come from, see the moon rock and more before or after watching a film in the Dome.