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Astronaut / Ocean to Orbit

How can you prepare for life in microgravity? And how do astronauts here on Earth train for space walks in a completely different environment?

Astronaut / Ocean to Orbit

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  • Thursday 07/03
  • Sunday 24/03
  • Tuesday 26/03
  • Friday 29/03

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Astronaut / Ocean to Orbit

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  • Thursday 07/03
  • Sunday 24/03
  • Tuesday 26/03
  • Friday 29/03


In 2013, a critical life-support system on the International Space Station failed, requiring an immediate spacewalk to fix it. NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy made the repair and saved the Space Station. As an astronaut, he was trained extensively for space walks.

But how do astronauts train here on Earth to work in the microgravity of space?
Astronaut: Ocean to Orbit explores the ways in which NASA uses underwater environments to simulate life and work in space, offering a fascinating look into the high-tech world of astronauts.

Join astronaut Chris Cassidy (former ISS Commander) as he trains in his space suit alongside a full-sized mock-up of the International Space Station in a giant underwater facility in Houston.

Dive to the sea floor with NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps as she lives underwater with fellow astronauts for ten continuous days at Aquarius Reef Base in Florida.


Duration: 45 min.

Journey in space: 25 min.
Film: 20 min.

Language: English - original version

Headsets with danish translation of the film are available at the ticket office. There is a deposit of DKK 50 per headset which is refundable on return of the headset to our ticket office.


Reserved tickets can be picked up up to 30 minutes before the film begins. If you have not booked tickets, we recommend that you arrive approx. 30 min before.

A ticket gives access to see a film in the Dome and to our exhibitions.

Please note: If you want to experience our exhibitions, and you have chosen the last film of the day, you should arrive in good time before the film, because Planetarium usually closes just after the last show.

During holidays and weekends, the ticket also offers the opportunity to follow guided tours and other creative activities.

Price: 185,- DKK for adults and 115,- DKK for children (3-11 years) + 5,- DKK handling fee.

Guests with annual pass
If you have an annual pass, simply reserve the desired seats and show your annual pass on arrival.

The Dome has four spaces for wheelchairs. The seats can only be purchased/ordered by contacting the ticket office.