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Welcome to Planetarium

In the Planetarium you can experience starry skies, galaxies, planets up close and lectures on astronomy and space travel in our dome - Europe's largest tilted planetarium dome.

Our mission

Planetarium conveys knowledge about astronomy and space travelling through lectures, exhibitions, science shows, teaching, special events, digital space travels and special film performances.

Based on professional knowledge, personal guest service and wonderful communication formats, we create enriching and engaging experiences for our guests.
All of this framed in the iconic planetarium building located at the edge of Sankt Jørgens Lake – and with Europe’s largest tilted planetarium dome.

Our vision

Planetarium wishes to be recognized as the most enriching and engaging science center in Europe, which conveys knowledge about astronomy and space travelling in a creative, courageous, and surprising way.

It all began with a solar eclipse

The couple Helge and Bodil Pedersen were very interested in astronomy. Solar eclipses were especially high on their wish list when the couple travelled around the world.

Helge Pedersen saw his first solar eclipse in Mauritania in 1973.  He was very impressed by this amazing natural phenomenon. Therefore, he had no doubt at all that it was something that he wanted to experience again.

In 1980, Bodil and Helge went to Kenya on a solar eclipse trip. Helge was also in Siberia in 1981 and in Java in 1983. It was during the solar eclipse trip to Java that Bodil and Helge got the same idea of building a planetarium in Denmark.

The desire to give more people the opportunity to experience the beauty of the starry sky and the fascinating universe of astronomy was always conscious in their minds.

To realize the project, Bodil and Helge Pedersen contributed 50 million through the Urania Fund to construct a planetarium.  The dream came true when the Planetarium opened it’s doors to the universe on 01th November 1989.

The building is designed by architect Knud Munk.

Sponsors and contributors

Our sponsors and contributors help us with our purpose; to spread the knowledge of science in general and astronomy about space travel in particular.

Thanks to our sponsors and contributors:

A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formål
Augustinus Fonden
Dir. J.P. Lund og Hustru Vilhelmine Født Bugges Legat
Frederiksberg Fonden
Industriens Fond
Knud Højgaards Fond
LB Fonden
Louis Petersens Legat

Novo Nordisk Fonden
Otto Mønsted Fonden
Spar Nord Fonden
Thomas B. Thriges Fond
Villum Fonden
William Demant Fonden
Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond

Our Space Our Future

Sponsors and collaborators
Aquaporin A/S


Mette Broksø Thygesen
30 11 88 77

Klaus Hasforth
31 39 13 11

Head of Outreach and Education
Mads Kring
24 40 29 20

Sales Manager
Majbritt Lin Walbom
50 77 89 94

Cecilie Sand Nørholm
28 49 26 30

Camilla Rasmussen
51 89 32 89

August Mandal
22 66 86 34

Nanna Juhl
22 35 42 53

Technical Manager
Marcus Willis Albertsen
40 57 03 93

Charlotte Pors
22 67 05 25

Service assistant
Mohamad El Hassouni
53 66 27 73

Planetarium shop

The shop at the Planetarium offers something for everyone! We have a large selection of educational toys, books and gift ideas.

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Practical information to help you plan your visit.


Explore Planetarium’s exhibitions: Learn where we come from, see the moon rock and more before or after your trip in the Dome.