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School visits

Vision, insights and learning

Visiting the Planetarium is ideal to teach students about space science.

A visit can also be combined with a feature week or themed subjects where the students learn about the solar system, big bang, the creation of the chemical elements or space travel to the Moon or Mars.

In our educational programmes, we put a space-perspective on the students' lives on Earth.

Educational experiences

An educational experience at Planetarium is based on the students’ curiosity, imagination and their life world to show the relevance of astrophysics, astronomy and space technology.

At Planetarium, your students can experience:

Films in The Dome

Every day, we offer 7-9 films related to astronomy and natural science. A film in our dome is an educational and great visual experience. Let your students get an insight into space science, the geological development of planet Earth or the discoveries made by NASA satellites. All films have a duration of approximately 60 minutes.

The price is 50,- DKK per person, which includes entrance and one film. Read more about the program.

Guided tours

A guided tour with one of our presenters is a very authentic experience as all our presenters are students in astrophysics, space physics or engineering.

The presenter guides the students through the price-winning exhibition Made in Space with stories of how the chemical elements were created, the life of stars and big bang. The guided tour is an ideal addition to seeing a film in The Dome and can be organised according to our film programme. The guided tour has a duration of 50 minutes.

Price: 600,- DKK per group and 50,- DKK per person, which includes entrance and one film (maximum 30 persons, booking 3 weeks in advance).

The exbitions

Learn about the world-famous, Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, who discovered a supernova in 1572 and was a great contributer to modern-day astronomy, or get insights into the creation of the elements as key ingredients in our bodies, and the life of stars.

School groups are welcome to visit the exhibitions on their own. It is also possible to book a guided tour (2-3 weeks in advance).

Price: Entrance to the exhibitions costs 50,- DKK per person.


If you wish to make a booking, please contact the school department.


+45 33 12 12 24, #4

Monday-Friday 09.00-15.00


The exhibitions

Explore Planetarium’s exhibitions: Learn where we come from, see the moon rock and more before or after your trip in The Dome.


See which films are on our daily program.

The Dome

Planetarium is well-known for The Dome, which is the largest dome in Northern Europe.