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Cosmic Horror

On this night we delve into the boundless horrors of space when three scientists each share their science-based vision of the world's end.

Cosmic Horror

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  • Thursday 31/10

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Cosmic Horror

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  • Thursday 31/10


Experience the unfeeling cosmos with a dose of cosmic horror in the Planetarium! Here the eerie stories are more fact than fiction, when three scientists herald scientific doomsday prophecies.

How close do you have to be to an asteroid impact to liquify? Is reality in truth just a fragile quantum fluctuation? How would it feel to be dragged beyond a black hole’s event horizon?

These are the types of questions to be answered on this dreadful evening.

The presenters have 15 minutes each to deliver their worrying wisdom for your eldritch entertainment and enlightenment.

To cap off the evening, we collectively crown the most frightening apocalypse.

So come curious and leave cosmically horrified!

The evenings line-up:



Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Language: English


19.15: Welcome

19.30: First presenter

19.50: Second presenter

20.10: Intermission

20.40: Third presenter

21.00: Questions from the audience

21.30: Voting on the most frightening apocalypse

21:45 Thank you and goodnight


Tuesday 25th June

Price: 205 DKK / 164 DKK w/annual card
+ 5 DKK fee

Tickets are not refundable.

Feel free to enjoy our exhibitions before the lecture. We recommend arrival minimum 30 minutes prior to the event.
If you would like to visit our exhibitions before the event, we recommend arriving earlier.

In the Dome, we have four seats for people with disabilities.
Please contact our ticket staff by telephone or at the entrance of the Planetarium, in order to buy tickets for these seats.