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The Story of Earth – english version

In Our remarkable planet Earth is unlike anything else we have found in the Universe. The Earth is not millions of lightyears away. You are standing on it, right now. Experience breathtaking and complex visualizations, based on the newest scientific methods.

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The Story of Earth – english version

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The Story of Earth film is an Australian documentary for giant screen and IMAX theatres directed by Russell Scott and written by Russell Scott and Wain Fimeri. The documentary, narrated by Rachel Ward, centres on how contemporary geology has potentially led to a new understanding of how life on Earth came to be.

Born from dying stars, it was sculpted by violent collisions in space. Yet, in an epic journey, this hostile ball of molten rock transformed itself into a nurturing environment.

From it emerged forms of life, none of which have been found anywhere else in the universe.

That planet is not millions of light years away either.

You are standing on it right now. This is the story of Earth.


Duration: 00:50
The film begins with a digital space journey followed by the season’s current starry sky.

Language: English
You can buy headphones with danish translation to this film.


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