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Secrets of the Universe – original version

One of the pioneers of astronomy Galileo Galilei looked to the sky and made astronomical discoveries pioneering his time.

Later, Einstein sought to understand the universe by devising a new mathematical set of rules, the theory of relativity. However, it was challenged by quantum mechanics devised by Niels Bohr.

Secrets of the Universe – original version

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  • Friday 11/06
  • Friday 18/06
  • Friday 25/06
  • Friday 27/08

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Secrets of the Universe – original version

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  • Friday 11/06
  • Friday 18/06
  • Friday 25/06
  • Friday 27/08


The truth is that there is still a lot we do not know about our universe.

The film Secrets of the Universe captures the excitement and science that is currently taking place at the European Center for High Energy Physics (CERN), the world’s largest physics laboratory.

CERN consists of The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which is the world’s largest particle accelerator. The accelerator is located underground forming a 27 kilometer long ring beneath the Jura Mountains and crosses the border between Switzerland and France.

LHC makes it possible to accelerate both protons and heavy ions to achieve incredible speeds.

The researchers hope in the proton-proton clashes to create some of the particles predicted by the theoretical particle physicists and through experiments with heavy ions to demonstrate the existence of the postulated gluon quark plasma.

The LHC has already shown its worth when it in 2012 succeeded proving the existence of the Higgs particle, which was predicted by physicist Peter Higgs back in the 1960s.

In Secrets of the Universe, researcher Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchéz takes us on a journey that provides insight into the enormous forces needed to solve the universe’s greatest puzzles.


Duration: 55 min.

Journey in space: 10 min.
Film: 45 min.

Language: English - original version

Headsets with danish translation of the film are available at the ticket office. There is a deposit of DKK 50 per headset which is refundable on return of the headset to our ticket office.


Reserved tickets can be picked up up to 30 minutes before the start of the film. If you have not booked tickets, we recommend that you arrive approx. 30 min before the start of the film..

A ticket gives access to a film in the Dome and access to our exhibitions.

Please note: If you want to experience our exhibitions, and you have chosen the last film of the day, you should arrive in good time before the film, because Planetarium usually closes just after the last show.

During holidays and weekends, the ticket also offers the opportunity to follow guided tours and other creative activities.

Price: 160,- kr. fee + 5,- kr.

Guests with annual pass
If you have an annual pass, simply reserve the desired seats and show your annual pass on arrival.

The Dome has can accommodate four wheelchairs. The seats can only be purchased/ordered by contacting the ticket office.