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Observation: Thursday 5th of December at 18:00

Join us at Planetarium when we observe our Moon

The Moon is crescent on Thursday the 5th of December, which makes it the perfect time to study our natural satellite – on this day, long shadows can clearly be seen stretching across the craters on the surface of the Moon. 

Join us at the

Join us when we line up our three telescopes outside of the Planetarium and observe the Moon with the guidance from our presenters.

The event will be held from 18:00 – 20:00.

This event is free.

Please note:
As the observation of the Moon is dependent on the weather, we ask the participants to keep an eye on the following page during the day of the event. At no later than noon on the 5th of December, we will update the page and let you know if the sky is clear enough to observe the Moon.

On the same night, we are also hosting a lecture about the Moon, held by professor Anja C. Andersen. You can buy your tickets for the lecture here: – please note that the lecture will be in Danish.
Read more (in danish)

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Learn where we come from, see the moonstone and more before or after your trip in the Dome.

The Dome

The dome is the heart of the Planetarium, with its nearly 1.000m2 canvas which delivers a very special movie experience.